Back to class and summer sum up

The start of a new semester is coming. Summer is ending (bummer) but memories were made.

This summer I went to some pretty amazing concerts: Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas’ Future Now Tour, Matt Nathanson’s co-headline tour with Phillip Phillips and special guest, A Great Big World (my ultimate faves and reason for traveling to Atlanta) and Us The Duo (they are TOTAL relationship goals.) Sorry no photos of Demi and Nick, I didn’t get any good shots.


I even got the chance to interview A Great Big World which was such a blast and dream come true. Interview below! They are some of the sweetest, most humble guys I have the pleasure of knowing. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have them in my life and in just two years of running team_agbw so much has happened (I can go on all day about this so moving on!!) 

Returning back to classes, I’m sitting here realizing all my friends will be graduating college in December or May…then there’s me still trying to get through my “two years” which ended up being all four years at my state college. I kept putting off taking the next math course because I’m so afraid of failing and it is my worst subject. It’s slightly embarrassing and upsetting to me that I’m gonna still be stuck in college for another couple years so I can get through the courses of my major once I finally am able to transfer to a university.  I am pretty much done with all my other requirements for my degree. My classes this year are Physical Geology (fulfilling my second science class requirement) and MAT1033, an intermediate algebra course.

My goal is to be able to get through this math course and hopefully be able to transfer at the end of the fall semester.

Basically what I learned is that to move at my own pace and to not worry about where my friends are as far as their college career goes. Everyone works at different speeds. There are times where I felt like giving up on college because of my struggle with math. All because of one stupid subject. I will graduate BC with my AA degree and transfer to university and I WILL become an entertainment journalist even if it takes a bit longer to reach that dream/goal of mine. I won’t give up EVER!

This goes for all of you reading this blog post, don’t ever feel the need to give up. You’ll make it through. If you have a learning disability, don’t let it bring you down. You need to keep on going. In the wise lyrics of A Great Big World, “I am way too young and I won’t stop running.” PS: Check out the music video for their new single “Won’t Stop Running.” It’s such an anthem and totally relatable. I’ll link you to it below. Also visit to learn about everyone featured in the music video and to share your #WontStopRunning story. Who knows you might just be featured on the site!

Much love to you all,


My interview with A Great Big World: (Excuse my awkwardness!)

A Great Big World’s music video for “Won’t Stop Running”


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