Reflecting back on 2016

Hey, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been busy with college life. You know writing for my college newspaper, classes, and well finals. Actually, big news. I’m graduating next week! (Dec. 14, 2016). I’m officially done with my time at Broward College!

Next stop: New York City in the fall to start classes for my major (journalism). Well it will be another couple weeks till I find out an admissions decision for my university of choice. My grades get posted next week and then my official transcript will be on its way. I’m confident that I’ll get in. Positive thoughts. After doing some research on the university, it doesn’t sound too hard of a school to get into as long as you have decent grades and a good GPA.

It’s so crazy to think that I’ll be starting a life in New York in the fall. I’ve always dreamed of just visiting the city but the chance to live there while completing my Bachelor’s degree. Dream come true! New adventures and memories to look forward to. Most importantly, I’ll hopefully be able to get an internship for my dream job at Billboard or Entertainment Weekly.

2016: The year I conquered that math class. Yep I did it- or else I wouldn’t be graduating this semester. Actually thank you to the countless extra credit opportunities my professor offered or else I would’ve failed.

Looking back at this year in general, it was pretty sweet in terms of concerts. Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas, Pentatonix, Us the Duo, A Great Big World with Matt Nathanson and Phillip Phillips, Fifth Harmony, Cassadee Pope and Tori Kelly! Sorry no pictures of Demi/Nick because they all came out terrible.

I even got the opportunity to interview A Great Big World. My first big interview with musicians! It was such a dream come true to kick it off with them, such humble guys and it’s always a blast chatting/hanging with them. PS. They’re hard at work on their broadway musical Strokes of Genius and will start working on album 3 next year so keep an eye out. They’re even planning a tour/starting to think about it. Do those guys ever rest? HA!

What else? Oh yeah, currently looking for a little part time job to make some cash before the big move. I went for one job interview at a cupcake shop this week but I’m not totally sure that I’ll get it. I was super nervous and with that my mind blanks out. I have to work on getting the interviewing thing down. It’s one thing when I’m interviewing someone but if it’s the other way around…well! Actually you can see in the above video that I was nervous interviewing Ian and Chad but it was my first interview with musicians so…maybe I get excused for that?

2016 was good to me for the most part setting politics aside…because Trump. EW..GROSS! I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings! Oh yeah JoJo is touring next year! I already have my ticket and so looking forward to it! That’s one thing to look forward to at the beginning of the year!

I hope I caught you up on everything! Talk soon and keep spreading the love!



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